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Gravel driveways!

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Thinking about having a gravel driveway installed?

Check out our post to get some good info!

Gravel driveway installation
sidewalk was cracked before we got there lol!

Gravel drive ways are a great option!

Gravel drive ways are very prevalent especially here in the south.

They are generally comprised of a road base or large stone (base)

followed by the top rock to smooth things out.

We like to use Crushed concrete for a base in some cases for the whole driveway.

However there are many options for doing a gravel drive way.

pros and cons


  • Cost effective

  • a more environmentally friendly drive way option

  • easy to install


  • must be maintained for good long life

  • not suitable for all terrains

This is the basic construction of a gravel driveway

Its all pretty simple first we cut out the grass and topsoil, lay road base down, and put our top rock on

On this particular job we couldn't crown the drive way because the client was in a low spot.

we decided to do a French drain down the middle.

Crowning is making the center high to allow water to drain to either side the driveway

Water is no good for your gravel drive way surface it leads to potholes

Sometimes we have to slant entire drive way to accommodate the drainage on hill sides and other terrain.

If your thinking of having a gravel drive way installed give us a call 817-298-8724

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